Notifications are the messages generated by the Portal along the lifecycle of a claim as a consequence of certain events. 

For example, when the Compensator clicks the “Accept” button after receiving a claim notification form, the system generates a notification to the Claimant Representative that says: “Claim 123 accepted by Compensator”.

When a timeout (deadline) is approaching, the system generates a notification to tell you how many days are left before the claim will time out.

Notifications should not be used to manage your workflow, as they are provided for information purposes only.

For a full list of notifications that the system will generate can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:       

ELPL phases and notifications

RTA phases and notifications

Good housekeeping of the Portal requires old notifications to be deleted on a daily basis and we encourage you to remove old notifications.

Due to the number of claims on the Portal and the volume of new Notifications, the Portal will automatically remove notifications after 15 calendar days.