Responding to an Interim Settlement Pack

The Claimant Representative may ask for an interim payment.  Please see the relevant protocols where this is permitted.

The Portal allows for more than one Interim Payment request.  You need to respond to any subsequent requests in the same manner as for the first one.

The Portal refers to this stage as 2.1.

In order to respond to an Interim Settlement pack request, you need to:  

  • Open the claim, which will be in the Application status of Interim Payment decision; 
  • On the Claimant’s and Defendant’s representatives tab
  • Check and, if necessary, change the defendant’s representative’s details;
  • From Release 5 enter the CRU Reference number (e.g. ABC123), (three alphabetical characters followed by three numerical digits), if it’s known or if it isn’t known an explanation why;
  • Press the Continue button; 
  • Enter the losses details (defendant’s response on each loss), calculate the total values and loss amounts by using the Calculate button followed by clicking the Continue button on the Claimant losses to date and Defendant response tab; 

Top Tip: The total values and loss amounts are also calculated when the Continue button is clicked. 

Once you have completed an Interim Payment form press 'Send Response' to submit the form response back to the Claimant Representative. 

The Interim Settlement Pack printable document will be updated. 

Top Tip: Ensure you download / print off a copy of the latest version.

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