Claims Portal Behaviour Committee

The Claims Portal Behaviour Committee formed to assist with the resolution of behavioural issues arising from the use of the Claims Portal.


The Behaviour Committee is a group of both claimant and compensator representatives. The Committee provides general guidance on appropriate behaviour expected by users of the Portal concerning specific issues brought to their attention.

Claims Portal Ltd takes any suspected misuse of the Portal seriously and urges all user organisations to ensure that staff fully understand the requirements of the MoJ Protocol and how to use the Portal.

If you are concerned about the behaviour of another Portal user, you should raise the matter formally in writing directly with the organisation concerned in the first instance.  If there isn't a satisfactory outcome, the issue may be reported to the Behaviour Committee using the Behaviour Report Form below.

Completing the Behaviour Report Form

  • Forms must be completed by an appropriate senior manager or partner of the firm or organisation
  • Except in exceptional circumstances, behaviour issues must in the first instance be raised formally in writing with the other party;
  • Copy correspondence relating to the issue and any response is expected to be attached to complaint forms; and
  • Reference should be made to the relevant rules as appropriate.

Guidance Notes

The following guidance notes have been published by the Behaviour Committee and relate to common issues reported.

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Behaviour Committee Reporting

Behaviour Committee Reporting

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