The Dashboard / Worklist

The dashboard or worklist below shows the claims which you need to take action on.

The Worklist is split into two parts:

  • Activities you are currently working on: These claims are locked to you and need you to complete
  • Other Activities on your Worklist: These claims are waiting for somebody in your organisation to work on.

Both lists only show you the most recent claims; you can use the View All link to see the complete lists.

Working on worklist

Other activities in your worklist

It includes the following functions, some of which are explained in further detail here:

  • My Worklist
  • Worklist Summary
  • Notifications
  • Open Activity
  • View Process History
  • View Process Details
  • Search
  • Tools
  • Help
  • Exit

Worklist Summary

Search worklist

The worklist summary is expandable and allows you to view claims in a certain status. For example, Liability Decision.



Visibility of Claims

Within the Portal there are various rules which apply to Compensators regarding the visibility of claims. Please see the guide provided.





The Notification section displays messages relating to actions that the Compensator has performed on claims your organisation has generated. Some of the notifications received may also be related to deadlines where further action is required. The notifications are automatically deleted after 15 days - however you can delete them manually in advance of this time by clicking on the red X as shown above or use the 'Clear all Notifications' option.

Visit 'Notifications' for more details.