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Understanding Profiles

The way that Users process claims depends on the account set-up and the Profile you give them.

If your organisation is registered for RTA only, you should use the RTA specific profiles; if your organisation is registered for EL/PL only, you should use the EL/PL specific profiles.

If your organisation is registered for both RTA and EL/PL, you should assign the profile most appropriate to your Users' work:  RTA only, EL/PL only or both.

Top Tip: Please make sure you have read the Visibility of Claims section, so that you understand the rules of how claims are visible to the various profiles.

The profiles available for Claimant Representatives are displayed here.

The profiles available for Compensators are displayed here.

Top Tip:  In order to process claims, Users must have a Claims Handling profile assigned to them.  You therefore need to create Users and assign Claims Handling profiles to them.

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