An interim settlement is an optional part payment paid before a settlement being made.

The portal allows you to make more than one Interim Payment request.  Please refer to the relevant protocol for when this is permitted.

Once an interim payment has been received, the claim will return to Start of stage 2.1, so that you can ask for further Interim payment by pressing the button ‘Interim payment needed’.  If no further Interim payment is required, you need to press the Interim button Payment not needed, which will then move the claim on to Stage 2

It applies to claims made for those aged 18 years and above at the time the claim is submitted.


Steps to requesting an Interim Settlement

On the Interim Payment Necessity page at ‘Start of stage 2.1’, select the ‘Interim payment needed’ button as seen below.

Interim settlement request

When completing the form, there is the option to include one or more medical reports as part of the interim settlement pack.

Up four medical reports can be uploaded per claim by selecting the number of reports then selecting ‘Add MR’ as below.

 Add medical reports


Top Tip: Attachments/notes appears as a pop-up, check for the pop-up icon by collapsing other windows currently open.

Upload a file by selecting ‘browse’. Once the file is selected, include a file description, i.e. ’medical report’ then click ‘add’ to upload the file. Further notes added in the free format text box to accompany the files if required.

You will know when the attachment is successfully uploaded as you will receive immediate notification.


MedCo ID

For RTA claims the MedCo Case ID and details relating to MedCo as below requires completion. 

MedCo case ID

Press continue. The next page allows you to input and submits the claimant losses to date.

Claimant losses to date

Add the losses, complete the details and press the ‘Send’ button.

The Interim Settlement Pack document has now been generated and sent to the Compensator. You should use the ‘Printable documents’ button to download, save, and print off the new document.

Top Tip: A minimum of £1000 needs to be entered in the losses section to proceed.


Interim Settlement Pack Decisions