You must respond to a claim within a set time period, which varies depending on the Claim type and is detailed in the relevant protocol.

When a claim is in the Application status of Liability decision, you can submit a response and send the Liability decision back to the Claimant Representative by clicking Send Response button.

The liability decision can be:

  • Admitted
  • Admitted with negligence (other than seatbelt) (RTA only)
  • Admitted with negligence (EL/PL)
  • Not admitted

If necessary, you can print a draft of the claim with the Insurer/Compensator Response by clicking Print IR Draft / Print Draft Response button.

When you send the response, a new printable document is created.  You need to download/print the document, which includes a copy of the CNF with the response added at the end.



The protocols state various timeframes that have been implemented in the Claims Portal.  When a time limit has been exceeded, it is described as a Timeout in the portal.  Please refer to the relevant protocol for the specific time limits.

For Stage 1 the following timeframe applies:

Liability Decision

  • You must respond to the claim and make a Liability decision within a set timeframe.  As the time limits vary depending on the Claim type, please refer to the relevant protocol.  If the time limit is exceeded, the claim will be returned to the Claimant Representative with a status of Liability Decision Timeout.  It will then end in the portal.