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Introduction to the process

Stage 1

During Stage 1, the claimant representative or the unrepresented claimant (Litigant in Person) need to complete the Claim Notification form and submit to the insurer/compensator.  Details can be found in the section below.

Before the time limit specified in the Pre-action protocol is reached, the insurer/compensator need to submit a response.  The section below describes the various outcomes.

Stage 2.1

In some circumstances, the Pre-action protocol(s) allow the claimant rep/Litigant in person to submit a request for an interim payment.  The links below provide guidance how to complete a request and how to deal with the response.

Stage 2

Stage 2 starts when the claimant rep/Litigant in person submits a Stage 2 Settlement pack.  The pack includes detailed information about the claim (value and category of loss).  The section below gives guidance how to complete the form:

When the pack is submitted, the time limits detailed in the Pre-action protocol(s) apply.  When a response from the insurer/compensator has been received, you need to follow the time limits.  The section below describes the process of counter offers and negotiations.

If no agreement has been reached at the end of the negotiations, or if the claimant is a minor, the RTA process allows for the submission of Additional damages.  Details can be found below.

Stage 3

Where no agreement has been reached, or the claimant is a minor, the claimant rep/Litigant in person need to complete a Court proceedings pack request.  Details can be found below together with information how to deal with the response.

End of process

Once a claim has reached the end of the process, the claim will be removed from the system after a number of days.  Please see the section regarding Data Retention.  Once deleted, only claims that reached the stage where a Court Proceedings Pack has been completed will remain in the archive, accessible for authorised users via the Admin console.

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