While it is possible to allocate users to branches, all Claimant Representative profiles allow the users to view and process claims regardless of branch.

Please note that the visibility of claims in the Worklist and the Search also depends on the status of the claim and if it is allocated to somebody else. 


CR Administrator

The CR Administrator can log in to the administration console and manage all users (RTA and/or EL/PL) belonging to their organisation. They can:

  • Create new users, including other Administrators
  • Update user details
  • Add email and mobile Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) details for a user
  • Verify a users' Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) access
  • Disable a user
  • Enable a user
  • Reset users’ passwords
  • Amend their users' details
  • Access the ‘Reset Your Administrator Password’ function
  • Add mobile Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) access
  • Update your organisation’s details, excluding the name
  • Update branch details
  • Create new branches (please note that once created, branches cannot be deleted).


Top Tip: It is important to note that an Administrator profile alone does NOT enable access to claims. A single user ID can be assigned both an Administrator profile as well as a Claims profile. See CR Multi-profile below for more details.

They can also see their organisation’s branch structure.


CR RTA Claim Handler

The CR RTA Claim Handler can work with all RTA claims.


CR ELPL Claim Handler

The CR ELPL Claim Handler has the same functionalities as a CR RTA Claim Handler restricted to EL/PL claims only.


CR RTA Team Leader

The CR RTA Team Leader has the same functionalities as a CR RTA Claim handler. Also, the following functionality is available:

  • “Login as another User” to log in on behalf of any other User in the organisation (for example, to move a claim along the process and unlock it to make it available to other users).
  • “Allocate to the user” to allocate a claim to a specific user.

Whilst their primary view is restricted to RTA claims only, the “Login as another User” function permits log in as an EL/PL handler, thus giving access to EL/PL claims.


CR ELPL Team Leader

The CR ELPL Team Leader has the same functionalities as a CR RTA Team Leader, restricted to EL/PL claims.  Whilst the primary view is restricted to EL/PL claims only, the “Login as another User” function permits log in as an RTA handler, thus giving access to RTA claims.


Advanced User delete claims

The ADVANCED USER Delete Claims profile allows the user to delete claims, in line with GDPR. The use of this function is being monitored.


Search Archived Claims User

This profile allows access to the Archive function, where claims reaching the end of Stage 2 (Court proceedings) can be viewed for 12 months after completion.


CR Multi-profile

Claims Portal does not permit the use of duplicate emails, a single user ID should be assigned multiple profiles, instead of creating separate User IDs. If you would like to extend access to the Administrative console to existing Users, add the Administrator profile to a Claims User ID, rather than adding claims profiles to an Administrator User ID. Making this change ensures visibility, and access to claims is not lost. 

CR multi profile

Compensator profiles