The Board of directors is equally balanced, with six representing the claimant community and six representing compensators.

The directors represent

  • APIL
  • MASS
  • TUC
  • Law Society
  • Insurers
  • Association of British Insurers (ABI)

In addition to the Board directors, other non-directors provide additional consultancy input on key issues that affect the efficient operation of the Claims Portal and user communities.

The Board is responsible for setting the Strategy, Finance and Governance of the Claims Portal.  The Board also consider and approve changes to the Portal to improve its overall performance and functionality, as well as new developments as a result of changes to judicial procedures. 

The Ministry of Justice has mandated that personal injury claims falling within the scope of the pre-action protocols must be processed using the Claims Portal.

Initially introduced in 2010, the Claims Portal is a stakeholder solution designed to meet the needs of users by providing them with a safe and secure electronic means of communication.


What are the benefits of using the Claims Portal?


Using the Claims Portal provides users with several benefits:

  • Information is transferred between parties securely and efficiently.
  • Decisions are communicated quickly and easily.
  • The cost of communications is reduced.
  • By including some basic validation checks, the Portal helps to avoid inconsistent, incomplete or incorrect information being exchanged.


Company Information

Claims Portal Limited

Company Number: 07237927

Place of registration: England and Wales

Registered Office: Linford Wood House, 6-12 Capital Drive, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes, MK14 6XT

VAT registration no: 106539129