Waiting for an Interim Payment 

The time limit for the Compensator to make the interim payment is defined in the protocol.

Once the Compensator has agreed to make an interim payment, the claim goes into the status ‘Waiting for Interim Payment’.

When you receive the payment, you need to access the claim and press the ‘Payment received’ button.

If the Interim Payment timeout period has been exceeded, you will see a Payment not received button, which you can use.  If you wish to take the claim out of the portal at this stage, you can use the Exit process button.


Interim Payment Decision Timeout

The protocols state various timeframes that have been implemented in the Claims Portal.  When a time limit has been exceeded, it is described as a Timeout in the portal.  Please refer to the relevant protocol for the specific time limits.

For Interim payments the following timeframes apply:

  • The Compensator has not responded to your Interim Payment request according to the time limits define in the protocol.  If this happens, you need to access the claim.  The screen will display a message to give you the options:
  • To proceed to Stage 2 Settlement pack – press 'Continue'.
  • To take the claim out of the process, use the 'Exit process' button
  • From release 3, you are given the option to return to Start of Stage 2.1 to ask for another Interim payment by pressing the 'Return to Start' button.

If interim payment is accepted

If the Compensator offers a payment less than requested, the claim will return to you in the status of Acceptance of partial Interim payment.

You need to access the claim and review the amount offered on the Claimant losses to date and Defendant response tab.

Set the Partial payment decision (Accepted/Not accepted) and press 'Send'.

Note: If you do not accept the offer for partial amount, the claim will leave the portal once the mandatory payment has been received.


If interim payment is rejected

If the Compensator rejects the Interim Settlement Pack, the claim will return to you in the status of Interim Settlement Pack rejected.

You need to access the claim and review the comment from the Compensator.  Press the Continue button.

The claim will return to Start of stage 2.1 where you can request a new Interim payment or proceed to Stage 2.