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This section provides Management Information at a high level relating to the performance of the Claims Portal.

Information is published monthly and is broken into two sections. The first focuses on performance as a service to its user community and the second relates to the Claims Process.

Last updated: 13 September 2017

1. Portal Performance

This section covers Claims Portal availability, response times, registered organisations and users.

Claims Portal Service Report

2. Claims Process

It is important to note that the Claims Portal is not a case management system and that the data must be considered in conjunction with the issued caveats and notes.

RTA Management Information
EL (Accident only) Management Information
EL Disease Management Information
PL Management Information


  1. The number of claims sent to an insurer includes duplicate claims created by multiple claimant representatives and duplicate claims created by the same claimant representative. Exact figures on the volume of duplicates are not known at present.
  2. The number of Court Packs recorded on the system may not reflect the volume of claims that end up in Court. The Portal does not capture information relating to what happens to a claim after the parties have agreed the contents of a Court Pack. Some claims may go on to settle or leave the process before commencement of Court Proceedings.
  3. RTA claims data only: In September 2012 Portal Co introduced a new housekeeping activity to automatically acknowledge claims that reached the end of the process but were awaiting final acknowledgement by the user. For Court Packs that were awaiting final acknowledgment prior to December 2011 no agreement date was available in the system therefore the end date that has been used by the system is September 2012. This has caused an increase in the number of court packs recorded for the month.
  4. RTA claims data only: In March 2014 an increase in the numbers of claims leaving the Portal using the Exit process was caused by a transfer of claims. The number of CNFS created and sent included resubmitted claims that had used the Exit process to transfer claims between organisations.