Additional Damages only apply to RTA claims.  For EL/PL claims, the following section is bypassed and the claim will proceed to Court Proceedings Pack directly.

The claim will be in the status Start of Stage 2 Settlement Pack Additional Damages.  Press the appropriate button (Additional damages exist / Additional damages do not exist).

If Additional damages do not exist, the claim will move to Court Proceedings Pack.


Submitting the Pack and Request

To submit a Stage 2 Settlement pack with Additional Damages request, you need to submit the Additional Damages loss.  You can also edit any other losses that have not yet been agreed.

When completed, press the Continue button on the Current claimant offer tab.  Fill in the required information on tab 3 and press the Send button.

Please make sure you download, save and/or print off a copy of the Stage 2 Settlement Pack with Additional damages.