Claimant Representatives and Compensators are able to create branches for their organisations, although, they function in different ways for each organisation type.

Administrators can create new branches and update the details of existing branches themselves using My Organisation on the Administration console.


Compensators branches

Compensators branches provide a way to place claims into different teams within the Portal, to reflect various departments, geographies, responsibilities and scope of work.  Branches a used to pass claims to third parties who have delegated authority/large deductibles or are claims handling agents. 

When registering your organisation, branch 001 is created by default using the head office address.

All Compensator organisations must have one branch, which is nominated as the Central Point and will be named ‘001’ by default.

The central point is the branch into which all claims are received.  There can only be one central point, and it is possible to handle claims in the branch nominated as the central point.

Additional branches may be created and are referred to as handling points.  It is possible to set up several branches, and you should consider how to name your branches so that they remain appropriate over the long term. 


Claimant Representatives branches

When Claimant Representatives set up branches, it allows organisations to quickly address claim notification forms according to the user's branch.  Unlike Compensators, claims cannot be placed into a specific branch; they will always be allocated at the Claimant Representative organisation level.

When a claim is created, Users will have the option to select whether the head office address appears on the form or the address for the branch the user is assigned to.

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