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What is my Role as Administrator?

Administrator's Role & Responsibilities

The Role

To be responsible for managing access for the organisation's Claims Portal users.

Key responsibilities include:

  • ensuring users have read and adhered to the user agreement;
  • ensuring only authorised users have access to the Claims Portal;
  • ensuring the organisation and its user's details are up to date and do not expire;
  • ensuring that the Administrator is the primary contact with Claims Portal Ltd and that CPL has the administrators up to date email address.

The Administrator must keep up to date with the latest news by signing up to the Claims Portal Newsletter.



Key outputs include:

  • ensuring all users have read and adhered to the user agreement;
  • that when a new user agreement is issued, the authority's obtained to accept the new user agreement;
  • keeping login details safe in line with the user agreement;
  • not sharing login credentials with any other user;
  • creating a second Administrator user as a backup;
  • creating and update new Handler users;
  • disabling access to users that have left the organisation or whose job role no longer requires access to the Claims Portal;
  • managing users' passwords and expiry dates
  • ensuring that all users are suitably trained;
  • keeping the organisation's details up to date, including the Administrator's email address;
  • Managing the organisation's branch structure, and adding branches as required;
  • keeping up to date by visiting the news and updates section on the Claims Portal website regularly;
  • notifying Claims Portal of any changes in circumstances affecting the organisation's eligibility for using the claims portal.


After you are Registered

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