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Before you use the Portal

  1. Before you use the Portal

    Before you use the Portal you must:

    • Have read the Protocols
    • Have read and signed up to the User agreement
    • Visit and utilise the training site
    • Understand if you are an A2A User or web User
    •              - If you are a web User, you will access the Portal using a website link

                   - If you are an A2A User your access will be integrated from an existing website interface developed by your organisation.

    • Familiarise yourself with the terms used on the Portal by using our Glossary
    • Take a look at the User guides listed in the Practise and Learn section below.
  2. Practise and Learn

    Get training

  3. Managing your Account

    Please visit the 'Managing the Account' page for information about changes you can make yourself, and which changes you need to request.

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