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Release 7

RTA Pre-Action Protocol amendments

As per our previous communications, and in line with the Release 7 plan, the A2A Release Notes and A2A Technical Specifications are now available. 

Test Plan updated 18.05.2021

A2A Test Plan

A2A Notes

Tech Specs updated 24.05.2021

Release 7 Tech Specs zip file

Release 7 Guide for Web Users

Updated Tech Specs - R7 Fixes 17.06.2021 and 16.09.2021

Following the deployment of Release 7 on 31st May 2021, we are doing further Releases to apply some minor fixes and enhancements. The 16.09.2021 Release will be deployed into integration on 08 September 2021 and into production on 16 September 2021.

The Technical Specifications have been updated and the changes are highlighted in the new documentation below.

Release 7 Fixes 17.06.2021 - Tech Specs & Schema

Release 7 Fixes 16.09.2021 - Tech Specs & Schema

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