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A2A Users only – Updated Technical Specifications for A2A Token


As part of our continuing program to improve security for Claims Portal, we will be introducing a token to A2A messaging. The token will apply an additional layer of security to verify the identity of the user, along with current credentials.

We have released updated DRAFT RTA and ELPL Technical Specifications which can be accessed via the Claims Portal website: A2A Technical Specifications. These documents provide an oversight of the changes that software developers and suppliers will need to make for A2A Token. A full version of the Technical Specifications will follow on in due course. 

Summary of updates

  • A2A Token Implementation
  • New Methods added: GetToken, RefreshToken and changePassword.
  • Updates to the “Instruction for developers” section.
  • Modification to all of the call methods to reflect the changes in the authentication process.

Important: Hints on error handling will be updated in due course and updated versions of the DRAFT RTA and ELPL Technical Specifications will be released accordingly.

To reflect these changes in Claims Portal workflows, User development and testing will be necessary for A2A users only. The updates that are applied for the A2A token access can be tested by all A2A users between the week of 7th November 2022 and 12th December 2022. Further details of the test type and test environment will be provided in due course.

We recommend that you share this information with your IT department and/or software supplier.

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Tim Wallis
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd

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