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Login Credentials security - All Claims Portal users

Management info02/09/2021

The role of the Administrator is to ensure that all Users in your organisation have continued Portal access, but more importantly to make sure that all Users have individual user profile access.  The Administrator should not provide account access to any individual or organisation, either internally or externally, who does not need to use the Portal. This applies to both Web and A2A environments.

Individual User credentials must not be shared with other users externally or within your organisation. In accordance with the User Agreement each user must have their own log in credentials. 

We refer you to section 2.28 of the Claims Portal Authorised User Agreement

As a User of the Claims Portal please take the time to read and familiarise yourself with the Authorised User Agreement. Sharing credentials is a breach of this agreement, and if members of staff within your organisation are found to be sharing login details Claims Portal may exercise its right to suspend your use of the Portal. 


Tim Wallis

Chair, Claims Portal Ltd

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