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Resetting your Administrator Password

Click on “Cannot Access your Administrator Account?”

 The reset password page below will open:


Enter your Administrator User name and the e-mail address associated to your Administrator user name. 

Press Confirm and the Claims Portal will send you an e-mail to the address you provided.

Please check your junk / spam email folder for the message, and ensure emails sent from the address '' has been added to your Approved / Safe Sender / Whitelist list.

Click on the link within the e-mail or copy and paste it in to your browser address bar and the Reset Password Page will open. If you copy and paste the link make sure you copy the entire link or else it won't work.

Enter a new Password and Confirm the Password.

Your new Password must following existing security rules

  • Passwords are case sensitive and must be a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 20 characters long.
  • The password must contain at least one number and one letter
  • It is not possible to use your user id or name or surname or organisation id as a password.

Please note the Password Reset link expires after 24 hours

For security reasons the token will expire after 24 hours. When clicking the link in the email after 24 hours an error will be displayed.

I can't remember my Administrator User name:

If you have another Claims Portal Administrator within your organisation they may be able to assist you.  If you do not, you can contact the Helpdesk to reset your User name via the Manage Your Account function.

... I can't reset my password because my account has expired:

Please note that Administrators with an expiry date in the past (set in the Administration console for every user) cannot reset their own password.


When expired Administrators fill in a password reset the following message will be displayed:

In case your Administrator user has expired please contact another Claims Portal Administrator within your organisation or refer to the Helpdesk to reset your password, via the Manage Your Account function, if you do not have any.


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