Release 6 fixes

A series of fixes is now available for Developers - the zip file for Developers can be found below:

Release 6 fixes zip file (including technical specifications)

This has been deployed in Production and in the Integration/Testing environments.


Tech specs

Release 6 was deployed on 8 October 2018.

Release 6 tech specs zip file - the zip file includes the final technical specifications and schemas.

This includes:

The zip file (loaded on 9 October 2018) contains all the documents for both RTA and ELPL with the following documents updated:

  • Updated RTA and EL/PL WSDL:
  • Updated schema and interface documents for both RTA and ELPL:
    • Added new Release 6 Major and Minor versions
    • Added some clarifications about some points that raised a2a users questions during the integration

The workflows haven't changed since Release 3 - the zip file holds a copy of the latest workflows for your reference.


Release 6 numbers

The version numbers for Release 6 are as follows:

RTA Integration (test site) : 8.0

EL/PL Integration (test site): 6.1

RTA Production: 6.0

EL/PL Production: 6.1

Please note: The WSDL’S for both A2A integration and production are as detailed in the A2A specs for Release 6 above, they will not change.



Two events were held w/c 11 July for A2A Developers in Manchester and London. A copy of the slide deck can be found here.

A link to the Web User webinar recording from the 2 October session on Release 6 provided by Susan Brown, Claims Portal Board, is available here. To view the webinar enter your details as requested to access the recording.

Release 6 Web User Guide - This document describes changes introduced in the WEB interface of Claims Portal system within Release 6. It also includes an overview of the changes that Web Users will see following go live of Release 6
(8 October 2018). Users should familiarise themselves with the changes prior to the go live date using their training accounts.