Claims Portal for developers

This page contains everything needed by Software Developers looking to create a bespoke A2A interface with the Claims Portal.

Software House/Third Party developer

If you want to develop an interface for clients who use the Claims Portal, please complete the Software House form on our website.

You will be required to provide a letter of authorisation from your client, who must already have an account with the Claims Portal. Without this letter of authorisation your request will not be approved

You will be required to sign the User Interface Development Agreement (UIDA)

You will be required to provide Claims Portal Limited (CPL) with your Development Plan, which sets out a tentative schedule for the development and testing of its User Interface, and agrees to make details, and in the case of a written plan a copy of that plan available to CPL at CPL’s request throughout a Development Period.

Claims Portal will email you a User Interface Development Agreement (UIDA) for you to Sign.  The email will be sent from, and it is advisable to add this email address to your safe sender’s list to ensure that you receive the email.

Once the UIDA has been signed, you will need to return this to us, along with your development plan. Once your development plan is approved you will be added to our list of approved Software House and a Client ID will be sent to you.

Your client can now send through an A2A Test request to us and once approved A2A test credentials will be sent out to to your Client

On receipt of the test credentials, you can begin the development of your interface.  To assist you, the latest versions of documents containing the technical information are listed in the links on the left.


Internal Developer

If you are an internal developer wanting to create a bespoke A2A solution for your organisation who is already a Claims Portal user, you do not need to print and sign the User Interface Development Agreement.   

Your development is covered by the terms of the Combined Portal User Agreement that your organisation Administrator will have already signed up to.  

To obtain access to the Claims Portal Test (Integration) site, your organisation’s Administrator needs to complete the ‘Request A2A credentials to the Test (Integration) site’ form.  Once testing is completed, your organisation’s Administrator can request access to the Claims Portal Live (Production site) using the ‘Request A2A credentials to the Live (Production) site’s form.  Both forms are available here.


Technical Support Available for Developers

Claims Portal Ltd offers a maximum of two days (7 hours per day) email Technical support, via the Help Desk, at no costs to new A2A Authorised Users registering to access the Portal. The support is provided to assist with initial set-up and integration of your system with the Portal during the phase in which your system is in the production environment or the integration test site only.

If you require any further technical support relating to integration or set up, this will be regarded as Additional Support as defined in the Portal User Agreement, and we reserve the right to charge you for such support.

Current Integration Support Day Rate = £766

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