For Developers

This page contains everything needed by Software Developers looking to create a bespoke A2A interface with the Claims Portal.

Software House/Third Party developer

If you want to develop an interface for clients who use the Claims Portal, you must first print and read the User Interface Development Agreement, then send a signed copy to:

Claims Portal Support Team,
C/O Motor Insurers’ Bureau,
6-12 Capital Drive,
Milton Keynes,
MK14 6XT.

To download the Agreement click here.

To process your application to access the Claims Portal test environment, you must also supply a letter from a client wishing to use your development to interface with the Claims Portal. 

Once your application has been received, processed and approved, test credentials will be sent by secure e-mail to the Company Contact contained in section 5 of the User Interface Agreement.

On receipt of the test credentials you can begin development of your interface.  To assist you, the latest versions of documents containing the technical information are listed in the links on the left. 

Internal Developer

If you are an internal developer wanting to create a bespoke A2A solution for your own organisation who is already a Claims Portal user, you do not need to print and sign the User Interface Development Agreement.   

Your development is covered by the terms of the Combined Portal User Agreement that your organisation Administrator will have already signed up to.  

To obtain access to the Claims Portal test site your organisation’s Administrator should request Test A2A Credentials through the 'Manage my Account' facility on this website.

Technical Support Available for Developers:

Claims Portal Ltd offers a maximum of two 'man days' (7 hours per day) Technical support at no costs to new A2A Authorised Users registering to access the Portal. The support is provided to assist with initial set-up and integration of your system with the Portal during the phase in which your system is in the production environment or in the integration test site only.

If you require any further technical support relating to integration or set up, this will be regarded as Additional Support as defined in the Portal User Areement and we reserve the right to charge you for such support.

Current Integration Support Day Rate = £698