As part of our continuing program to improve security for Claims Portal, we will be introducing a token to A2A messaging and the requirement to change the A2A password. These features will apply an additional layer of security to verify the identity of the user. 

To reflect these changes in the Portal, user development and testing will be necessary for A2A users only and further information is available on our Claims Portal website

Timing Plan
We are pleased to confirm that the release date of the A2A Token changes will be Tuesday 24th January 2023. These are the key timings for the release of the A2A Token and associated actions.

1st November 2022    
Final Technical specifications document, Schema, WDSL, released. Further details are available on our website, in the developers section here.

Up to 7th February 2023    
Parallel running in Integration for users to test their system updates for A2A Token. Further details are available on our website here

17th January 2023
New Password Validation Rules apply. Further details are available on our website here.

24th January 2023    
A2A Token is released in Production.

24th January to 7th February 2023
Parallel running in Production: for two weeks the endpoints for both pre and post A2A token changes will be available
We recommend that you share this information with your IT department and/or software supplier.

If you have any questions please contact


Phil Dicken
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd