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Administrator set-up for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) access


Claims Portal Limited recently introduced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) log in access to Claims Portal Limited. This has introduced an additional layer of security for the verification of the identity of the user. Along with a users’ current credentials, all users will need to enter a one-time passcode delivered to a verified email address or to a verified mobile phone number.

All Administrators who require access to Claims Portal need to be set-up for MFA access, and once completed, the Administrators will need to set-up access for the users within their organisation.

If you are a Claims Handler who requires MFA access, please contact your Administrator to set you up.

If you are an Administrator and you are not yet set-up for MFA access to Claims Portal Limited, please contact us at to request that your credentials are set-up and include the following information within your email:

  • Organisation name
  • Organisation ID
  • Your own Administrator ID
  • Your own business email address which only you have access to
  • Organisation registered postal address

Important Note: As part of the set-up of MFA, an Administrator will be provided with a one-time verification link via email from email must be actioned within 24 hours of being issued in order to verify your access to the portal. In order for you to receive this important email, please can you arrange to whitelist / or add the email address to your Outlook address book and if you are unsure please speak to your IT Provider. 

We have created a User Guide which provides step-by-step instructions on how to log in to the Claims Portal and set-up users for MFA access. To access this User Guide, please click the following link: Multi-Factor Authentication User Guide


Tim Wallis 
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd 

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