The log-in screen

The log-in screen

User ID & password

Enter the User ID and password you received from your administrator.  Make sure that the Section is set to Claims Portal.


Incorrect password

If you enter an incorrect password more than 5 times, your login will become locked.  You will then need to contact your INTERNAL administrator who will be able to reset this for you. The password is ‘case sensitive’.



This is where important service announcements are made and you should check this each time you log in.  Any periods where the Portal will be unavailable will be advertised here.


Contact Info

This is where you can find all the latest news and event updates, along with walkthroughs and user guides.



The Helpdesk is for Technical queries relating to the portal.  The Helpdesk cannot assist with guidance questions.  Please see the above Contact Info for guidance on using the portal.

The screenshots from the walkthrough can be downloaded using the link below.

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