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Official Injury Claim


Official Injury Claim

On the 31st May 2021 a new service is being launched called Official Injury Claim. The service can be used for motor accidents occurring on or after this date for accidents in England and Wales. Official Injury Claim handles personal injury claims up to £5,000, up to a total for all losses of £10,000 

More information can be found in the Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) 

The Claims Portal and Official Injury Claim are separate systems, so claims cannot be transferred between the two electronically.  If a claim needs to move from one system to the other (because of the value of the claim), the claim has to re-start in the other system and details of the claim need to be re-entered. It is possible to download the claim information from both systems into a PDF as a record of all the claim information submitted.

You can find more information on Official Injury Claim on their website

Or contact them via email or phone 0800 118 1631.

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Chair, Claims Portal Ltd

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