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Important Update - Release 7


Following the release of the Technical Specifications on 29 April 2021, please find a link to the A2A Test Plan for any A2A developers who wish to undertake testing.


*Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the plan, in particular the highlighted section regarding testing claims both pre and post the RTA Pre-Action Protocol changes.  

*If you intend conducting compatibility testing using Release 6 (R6) claims you must create claims in R6 prior to the deployment of R7 on 7 May, further details are available in the Test Plan.  

Please note the following milestones.

Friday 7 May

A2A XML Release 7 

A2A Web Release 7 Pre reform process (claims before 31/03/2021) (still under development)  

Note: 07/05/2021 - Between 08:00 and 10:00 am UK Time (the system will not be available during the deployment)

Tuesday 11 May

A2A XML as above

A2A WEB Release 7 (Pre reform process, claims before 31/03/2021) stable)

Note: 11/05/2021 - Between 08:00 and 10:00 am UK Time (the system will not be available during the deployment)

w/c Monday 17th May

Web fully completed and deployed in training

In previous releases we have undertaken testing with a small number of A2A developers before we publish the Technical Specifications. Due to the condensed timetable we are working against we have published the Technical Specifications before completing this testing, which may result in some tweaks being made to the Technical Specifications. If changes are made we will alert users and publish the new Technical Specifications.

Please note that call volumes on the A2A integration site will be monitored and users sending large volumes of calls may be disabled.

If you have any questions please raise them with the helpdesk at

Kind regards

Tim Wallis

Claims Portal Limited, Chair

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