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Attention Claims Portal Administrators


We have made some changes to our ‘Manage your account’ forms. These forms are used when you need to make a request that you cannot action yourself, as Administrator of your account.

The existing process of using downloadable request forms has been replaced with webforms that you can now complete and submit online. The new online webforms will allow you to submit the following requests to Claims Portal Support, electronically via the Claims Portal website:

  • Resend Admin User ID for Live/Training
  • Reset Administrator's Expiry date
  • Change your Administrator (if the current Administrator has left the organisation)
  • Change Organisation name
  • Add claim type(s)
  • Change to Third Party Administrator (for Compensators & organisations handling claims on behalf of a Compensator)
  • Request A2A credentials to the Test (Integration) site
  • Request A2A credentials to the Live (Production) site
  • Changing your Software House and require new/additional A2A credentials
  • Request A2A credentials to the Test (Integration) site for new Software Houses

The new forms will come into effect from today, Thursday 08 July 2021 and can be found in the Administrator section of the website.

Please note that the Contact Us page is still available and has not changed.  

Kind regards

Tim Wallis

Claims Portal Ltd, Chair

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