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Update - Visual changes to the Executive Dashboard


After some consideration, Claims Portal have decided to change the look and feel of the Executive Dashboard due to user feedback. Please note, the data itself has not been changed or calculated differently in any way. All data currently provided will remain the same.

You will notice changes to what data is shown and how it is presented, including the following:

  • Top bar changes to the following fields:
    • Last month data – this will now show the different to last month’s data, not the ‘moving’ figure.
    • Rolling 12 month figure – this will now show year to date figure
  • Left Process tables:
    • Last month data – this will now show the difference to last month’s data, not the ‘moving’ figure.
  • Total Court Packs chart has been removed and replaced with a new chart showing the RTA/EL/ELA/PL split for 13 months, i.e. May-19 to May-20
  • An extra month has been added to the “CNFs Sent - Rolling 12 Months” chart and will now show, for example, from May-19 to May-20 instead of June-19 to May-20
  • The Backing Sheet Data tab will now be unhidden to enable easy access to the data.


Tim Wallis

Chair, Claims Portal Ltd

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