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Login Credentials Security – A2A Users


Sharing credentials is a breach of the Claims Portal Authorised User Agreement. If your organisation is found to be sharing credentials, Claims Portal have the right to suspend access to the account. 

We understand that there may be certain scenarios where your organisation requires duel A2A access. Claims Portal will only consider a request for additional A2A credentials for these specified reasons:

  • Multiple brands and/or subsidiary companies within your organisation require an A2A connection for each company or brand.
  • RTA and EL/PL when either a Claimant Representative/Compensator require a different A2A connection for each claim type
  • Change of Software house when either a Claimant Representative/Compensator requests to move to a different software provider. Please notify us of any change of this nature immediately. You will be issued with a new set of A2A credentials to ensure your previous software provider no longer has access to your account, subject to;

a. Run off – your existing software provider, if required, will be granted continued access for a short period of time in order to run off existing claims. Once all those claims have exited the process their access will be disabled and new credentials will be issued to you, the account owner, to share with your new appointed (and Claims Portal registered) software house. *Allowing two software houses to continuously share access to your Portal account via A2A and/or Web is a breach of the Claims Portal User agreement.

b. No Run off – a simple transfer of supplier on a set date, new credentials will be issued. This process is to be agreed and arranged by Claims Portal.

c. Pilot - either a Claimant Representative/Compensator wishes to conduct a pilot of a new software provider, for a maximum period of 12 months, subject to Claims Portal’s agreement.

All three scenarios outlined above are subject to approval by Claims Portal. If your organisation requires a second set of credentials, please speak to a member of the Claims Portal Team. Contact Us.


Tim Wallis

Chair, Claims Portal Ltd

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