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Important update - Statement of truth


We are aware that under the 113th update to the Civil Procedure Rules, which will come into place on 6th April 2020, an amendment is being made to the wording of the statement of truth set out in Practice Direction 22.

For web users, we are working on changes to the Portal to incorporate the new statement of truth in all the relevant forms in the Portal and the automatically generated PDFs, but this will not be available until after 6th April.  We will notify you when the changes have been completed, but in the meantime, in the case of the CNF, you may want to consider entering the new statement of truth in Section M, for RTA claims or Section G for EL and PL claims, in the “Other Relevant Information”  box.

For A2A Users, the statement of truth text will be amended in the system. You will be able to call the PDFs as you would now to pull the new amended text through. If you store the statement of truth text within your CMS you will need to amend to reflect the new text.


Tim Wallis

Chair, Claims Portal Ltd

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