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Important Update: Early May bank holiday


Within Claims Portal it is necessary to add the annual bank holidays manually. When the 2020 bank holidays were loaded the early May bank holiday was 04 May however, this was subsequently moved to the 08 May for the VE Day celebrations.

The early May bank holiday has been amended in the Claims Portal to the 08 May from the 04 May however, we cannot amend this for any claim created in the system prior to the 28 April. This means that any claim created before 28 April will operate on the basis of 04 May as a bank holiday and therefore a non-business day when calculating the timeouts.  This also means that 08 May is calculated as a normal working day with regard to timeouts.

Please be aware of this situation in case you need take any action to avoid a claim timing out on 08 May. This will affect web users and any A2A users who rely on Portal notifications rather than their own. 


Tim Wallis

Chair, Claims Portal Ltd


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