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Claims Portal Helpdesk


We have seen an increase in the number of enquires to the Claims Portal Helpdesk in recent months, and from the nature of the enquiries and the assistance required it is apparent that many of those seeking assistance are not familiar with the Portal. We do understand that in these difficult times the members of staff who normally administer and use the Portal may be unavailable, and the purpose of this email is to assist users in understanding the best ways to obtain assistance in using the Portal. 

Logging in

If you are an administrator and cannot remember your password, please refer to the ‘Resetting Administrator Password’ page on our website. If you cannot remember your Administrator User ID, please complete request form (1.Resend Admin User ID for Live/Training) which sits under the ‘Administrator section’ of the web site. This form will need to be fully completed and sent directly to our Helpdesk.

If you are a Claim Handler please refer to your Administrator who will be able to resolve your login issue.

When logging in as an Administrator, if you experience an error message, we also have a Troubleshooting Guide to help explain and resolve the error message you may be receiving. We recommend you check the Troubleshooting guide before contacting the Helpdesk as this may be a more time effective way of resolving your login issue.

If you are still unable to log in after following the recommended steps above, please complete our ‘Contact Us’ form.

Please note that the Helpdesk will only be able to assist you once you have provided the following information clearly in your initial request:

(a) whether you are an Administrator or a Claims Handler

(b) whether you are trying to log in to the Admin Console or the Portal

(c) a screen shot or the exact error message you receive when you try to log in,

Please provide as much detail as possible as this will assist the Helpdesk in resolving your query.   

Please note that the Helpdesk staff do not have access or the functionality to enable accounts online so if your user ID has expired they will have to refer the request to Claims Portal team, who will deal with it as soon as practicable but will not be able to re-enable you immediately.

Claims Portal encourage all Administrators to utilise the self-service element of your Claims Portal account. All Administrators have the ability and responsibility to edit, enable, disable and maintain all User profiles, to ensure continuous access to your firms account. To help you with these general housekeeping exercises on your account, we have created an on boarding pack and a list of Administrator roles and responsibilities which can be located in the ‘After you are Registered’ section of our website.

Please also take advantage of the User Guides on our website to assist Administrators with housekeeping activities, such as managing expiry dates.

Using the Portal

Most queries about using the Portal are best answered by visiting the Claims Portal website.

Information, supported by screenshots, is given about every stage of the Portal process. Helpdesk staff have been asked to refer any user with an enquiry which is answered on the Claims Portal website to the relevant section of the website.

It is part of the Claims Portal User Agreement and your responsibility as an organisation to ensure that all Users of the Portal undergo training internally before using the Portal, please adhere to this by making sure you and all Portal users within your organisation utilise the User Guides and Training Site.  


Tim Wallis

Chair, Claims Portal Ltd

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