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Attention A2A Users – Changes to Technical Specifications


Claims Portal have been working alongside our Technology Partners, CRIF, to tighten the Technical Specification documentation due to some users using the system in a way it was not intended. Claims Portal took the decision to reinforce the Technical specifications to protect both the Portal’s performance and it’s users.

To ensure you, as an A2A User of the Portal understand and adhere to the enhanced technical documentation we have emailed a copy of both the RTA and EL/PL specifications to all A2A Users. The new technical documentation for both RTA and EL/PL are also available under the ‘Developer’ section of the Claims Portal website.

It is important for us to advise that there have been no fundamental changes to the technicalities of these documents or the operation of the portal. However, as part of the user agreement it is your responsibility as a Portal user to understand and adhere to the technical specifications. Therefore, if your current A2A system is not compliant with the specifications, please ensure this is rectified.

Please ensure you pass this email to the relevant person/team within your IT department and/or Software House to ensure your integration with the Claims Portal system meets all requirements set out in our technical specifications.  If you do not adhere to these requirements, Claims Portal reserve the rights to suspend or disable your account, and/or charge a fee due to misuse of the Portal.

Kind regards

Tim Wallis
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd 

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