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Important! Please take note - Using the Insurer Index


Using the Insurer Index    

Web Users: When Searching for a Compensator 

The Organisation ID cannot be used when searching for a Compensator/Insurer.

The Search Insurer (RTA) and Search Compensator (EL/PL) web functions allow for search by name only.  This can be a partial name.

Please be aware that the search result is not displayed in alphabetical order.  Instead it shows the first 50 Insurer / Compensator names which contain the original search term.

Compensators: please provide the Claimant Representative with the name of your organisation as it appears in the index. You must not provide the organisation ID.

A2A Users - Insurer Index CACHE 

The EL/PL Insurer Index must NOT be cached.  It is frequently updated and new users added.  Please see the technical specifications.

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