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Update on latest Claims Portal website User enhancements



Since the new Claims Portal website launched in June last year, the Portal team have continued to review and adapt the website with the aim of making the website easier for Users to find the information and guidance they need.

You will now notice that there is less content on the site. Whilst we’ve reduced the number of pages, we’ve improved the content adding top tips and further guidance on User queries we regularly receive such as password resets and how to set up and Administer a Portal account.

 Here’s a look at what’s changed:

  • User guidesthis is the main place to look for guidance whether you are a Claimant Representative, Compensator, Administrator or Developer
  • Processes – this is where you will find the data retention policy, claims transfer process and audit section
  • If you are looking for further information on Releases – what they are and for information contained within a specific release – visit the release section within the Developer guides.
  • If you are new to using the Portal or haven’t used it for a while visit Using the Portal for a handy checklist
  • Across the website we’ve reviewed the wording and headings to make it easier for Users to search for what they are looking for and find the specific sections
  • Try the search option to quickly find what you are looking for
  • If you are unsure about what you can update or amend yourself visit the Manage your Account section within the Administrator section
  • Take a look at the home page and page footer for easy links to the most commonly used pages and access to the training site
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  • We only keep a year’s worth of messages in the News and Update section. So take a look here to find the latest news.

January’s top tips include:

  • The technical specification for using the site is Internet Explorer 10 and above. Using this version will ensure optimum functionality
  • Are you getting a 404 page error? If you have saved links for specific areas of the website – take a moment to review and update your ‘favourites’ to ensure you are bookmarking to the correct address for the new site structure otherwise, you will receive a 404 page error
  • If you haven’t visited the website for some time we recommend that you take a look around. The walkthroughs and frequently asked question sections have been removed meaning all information is located in one place in your User Guides.

Of course there is always room for improvement. We will continue to develop and refine the search capabilities to improve the User experience.

We’d welcome your feedback on the website. Please provide your feedback to


Tim Wallis
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd 

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