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Top Tips: Managing Accounts form and Caching of the EL/PL Insurer Index


For information and guidance on using the Portal, Users should visit the Claims the Claims Portal website.

The Claims Portal and Claims Portal website are the most up to date places for Portal Users to go to find the guidance and information they need to submit a claim.

From recent analysis of Helpdesk calls we are aware that some organisations and individuals are using old versions of files to submit requests for assistance, leading to a delay in responding, or more seriously to claims being submitted to incorrect recipients.

Two documents in particular are being cached or Users are creating their own reference versions.

Manage Your Account form

The Manage your Information form is located on the Claims Portal website. It can be reached in three ways – from the Home page, Using the portal or Manage your Account section located in the Administrator sections of the website.

The most up to date version of the form was added to the Claims Portal website in January 2018, so if you have downloaded an older version, please delete it and use the latest form. his and use the version on the website.

The Manage your Account Form enables you to make changes to your existing Portal account, which you can’t make yourself. These include:

  • Resend User Id Live/Training
  • Change your Administrator (Only if your current Administrator has left your organisation)
  • Change of organisation name
  • Add claim types 
  • Request A2A live
  • Request A2A test

EL/PL Insurer Index caching

An Insurer Index document for EL / PL claims is not published on the Claims Portal website in the way that the RTA insurer index is.

Whether you are a web or A2A user the Portal Interface drop down option is the most up to date location to choose the correct Insurer / TPA to send your claim to.

Failure to check for and submit the claim to the correct recipient could result in sensitive claim data being sent to the wrong Compensator / delay to, or rejection of your claim.


Tim Wallis
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd 

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