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Top Tips for Administrators - March 2018 – Checking expiry date



The role of Administrator is key to the successful set-up and secure running of your Portal account. 

As an Administrator, part of your role is to ensure that the Users in your organisation are able to continue to use the Portal without any interruptions to service.

When a new User is created on the Portal their account is set up with an expiry date  set to two years from the creation date.  If the User does not log in and update their expiry date, it will expire and this particular User in the organisation will no longer be able to use the Portal.

For the User to regain access to the Portal again after their account has expired they then need to contact their internal Administrator to have their access re-instated.

As part of your Administrator housekeeping and maintenance activities on your organisation’s account, it is important that you regularly review all of your active Users to check that the expiry date held against each User is set to a suitable date in the future. 

This is a requirement as a Portal User and is subject to Audit provisions.    

If an Administrator has expired they will need to contact another Claims Portal Administrator within their organisation. It is only when there is no active Administrator in the organisation that Users should contact the Helpdesk to request that their expiry date is extended.

For further information on Administrators and their role and to manage your organisation account take a look at the Administrator section of the Claims Portal website.


Tim Wallis
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd 

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