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Top Tips for Administrators - July 2018 – Is your Portal account due to expire – what to do next


Over the coming months there are a large number of Claims Portal User IDs due to expire.

Expiry dates form part of the security controls for managing access to the account, key information for managing expiry dates effectively is as follows:

  • When a new User is created the expiry date is set to two years from the creation date
  • Expiry dates need to be extended by an Administrator User to prevent expiry
  • An Administrator User has the ability to set the expiry date for any time in the future
  • Organisations should have at least two active Administrator Users.

If the expiry date is not managed, when the expiry date is reached the User will not be able to access the Portal and will require their expiry date extending by an internal Administrator. 

If an Administrator User has expired they will also need to contact another Claims Portal Administrator within their organisation. It would be beneficial for the Administrator, and the organisation, to ensure that not all Users have the same expiry date

In the event that there is only one Administrator for your organisation's account we would recommend that a second Administrator User is created.  

This will help to avoid issues that will occur if your Administrator's account expires. In addition, this will help to ensure continuation of service whilst the Administrator is not in the office.  In line with the requirements of the Portal User Agreement it's important to remember that under no circumstances must user credentials be shared.   In the event that there are no active Administrators on the account, the Administrator should complete a Manage your account form. 

Requests of this nature take up to five working days to process, during which time an expired User will not be able to use the Portal or assist other Users within their organisation experiencing access issues.

To ensure your organisation’s continuing use of the Claims Portal, please ensure that all Users on your account have an appropriate expiry date set in the future.

To find out more, including step by step guidance on how to check and extend an expiry date, click here.


Tim Wallis
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd 

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