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Top Tips for Administrators - April 2018 – Creating a second Administrator


The role of the Administrator is to ensure that all Users in your organisation have continued Portal access.

As an Administrator, to effectively manage and maintain your Portal account, it is strongly recommended that a second Administrator is created. Having two or more Administrators will ensure that the account can still be administered in your absence at all times.

Administrators are the only Users on the account that can reset expiry dates for all other Users. Administrators are also responsible for editing, enabling, creating and disabling Users.

For self-service instructions on how to create new/additional Users visit the ‘After you are registered’ section of the website which can be found under the Administrator tab on the Claims Portal website.

Please note in accordance with the User Agreement each user must have their own log in details. Sharing account credentials is not an option.


Tim Wallis
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd




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