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Release 6 – GDPR update and Release 6 implementation date


Following on from our initial messaging on GDPR in February, we have a further update on GDPR and the proposed date on which Release 6 will be implemented.

In line with previous Releases, the timeframe within which we are able to undertake development and maintenance work on the Portal is dictated by the cycle of activities under way at the Ministry of Justice. In anticipation of the kick off for the Whiplash Reforms, it was decided to undertake Release 6 between February and October 2018.

With these timeframes in mind in preparing for Release 6 and the implementation of GDPR, legal advice has been obtained on the legislative requirements.

The Portal is essentially a ‘post box’ to facilitate the delivery of claims between two parties and as such acts as a conduit passing on data and doesn’t manage or own the contents of the data.  However, we are making some changes to ensure that Portal functionality enable users to comply with GDPR obligations.

We will provide further updates on the other activities taking place in readiness for GDPR,  such as signing the revised User agreement as well as any new policies and procedures that may impact your use of the Portal but in the meantime if you have any Claims Portal GDPR specific questions please contact


Tim Wallis
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd 

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