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Release 6 changes - Referral source


For the attention of Claimant Representatives submitting RTA claims:

As part of Release 6 we are introducing a new mandatory field in the RTA CNF.  The Claimant Representative will be required to indicate its referral source.  

This field has been introduced following a recommendation made by the Insurance Fraud Taskforce (Final Report, January 2016).

The information in this field will not be sent to the Compensator.  It is collected solely for the purpose of sharing the data with the IFB.  It should be noted that although completion of this field is mandatory, provision of the referral source is not.  The Claimant Representative can select the ‘Prefer not to say’ option if it does not wish to provide the referral source.


Tim Wallis                                                           

Chair, Claims Portal Ltd                 


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