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Excessive automated messaging: – attention of A2A Users and Developers



As part of the service provided by the Portal to Stakeholders and Users, we monitor the call levels made to the Claims Portal service by A2A Users in order to maintain performance levels.

It has been identified that some A2A Users are logging excessive and unnecessary numbers of automated calls to the Portal service.

A2A users must develop in line with the Technical Specifications

Software Houses Must be compliant with the User Agreements

This could be an unintentional behavior, but once identified, we will be taking steps to alert the A2A Users involved to limit these excess call volumes.

Automated messaging to the Claims Portal can and does impact on its performance.

To ensure the service isn’t impacted a new procedure is being implemented to alert Users identified as submitting excessive messages and if necessary limit their continued access to the Portal service.

If, after, contacting those identified as excessive Users, this behavior continues, steps will be taken to disable the User in order to maintain the smooth running of the service.


Tim Wallis
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd 

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