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Is your Development team ready to make the Portal IT changes by 29 November?


Claims Portal: Important Message – Please pass to your IT Department - Countdown to 29 November 2017

Claims Portal Ltd, working with its technology partners is implementing a series of security and business continuity developments in coming weeks which, will impact Users who have not made required changes to their browser and security settings.

This means that Users who have not implemented the required browser and security protocols ahead of 29 November 2017 will not be able to access the Portal, after this date.

Unsupported Protocols and Browsers

Users who sign up to and currently use the Portal, benefit from being able to transfer information securely and efficiently between parties quickly and easily. The technical specifications for using the Portal site are Internet Explorer (IE10) and above. Older versions are no longer supported by Microsoft)

Also, as previously mentioned, we will no longer support SSLv2ClientHello handshaking message after 29 November 2017 as it is an unsupported protocol 

So, you or your organisation need to consult with your IT team and ensure that any upgrades or other steps necessary to deal with the above are taken before 29 November 2017.

Further, with the continual threats of cyber-attacks, it is essential that Claims Portal Ltd and its technology providers take quick action on any security patches provided by their suppliers and that we disable unsupported protocols as they may pose a threat to the service and other Portal Users. When we are able to so, we will of course provide as much notice as possible but there may be cases when we have to apply a patch with no notice if we have been notified of a threat. This means that you need to make a regular checks to ensure that your systems are updated.

To help ensure that you and your organisation are as up to date as possible on further security and Portal enhancements please ensure you do the following:

  • check with Microsoft and other providers to ensure that updates are installed
  • check the Portal site home pages for messages
  • visit the Portal website News and Updates web page regularly
  • subscribe to Portal User email updates 

New Data Centre

With a view to providing enhanced business continuity our supplier CRIF informs us that a new secondary data centre will become operational from mid-November 2017.  Here are some details for the technically minded. The new site is Tier IV certified by the Uptime Institute. It is Disaster Recovery Fault Tolerant, completely redundant and only 90 other sites exist in the world with these features. This site will be the new Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery site for Claims Portal Ltd.


Tim Wallis
Chairman, Claims Portal Ltd