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IMPORTANT: Claims transfer process explained



This may affect your ability to access the Portal - you may need to take action.

An important update is being made to the security of the Claims Portal, which may require action:

On Thursday 30 March 2017 at 8am we will perform the annual replacement of the SSL Certificate on the production site.

  • If you are a Web user the new certificate will be downloaded automatically by your browser when you browse the Claims Portal login page.
  • If you are an A2A user, please verify that your A2A system is able to automatically replace the certificate. If you need to replace the certificate manually please contact the Help Desk.

Next steps

We would encourage A2A users to share this message with their technology department or software house in case the certificate needs to be replaced manually.

As ever, the Claims Portal Helpdesk is available for any user experiencing difficulties and they can be contacted via

Kind Regards

Tim Wallis

Chairman, Claims Portal Ltd