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Claims Portal - Are you ready for 29 November?


Due to security considerations we can no longer support SSLv2ClientHello handshaking message as it is an unsupported protocol. From 29 November 2017 users will no longer be able to use this handshaking protocol to access any Claims Portal sites, Web Browser Training and Production and A2A Integration/test and Production. 

What does this mean to A2A users
A2A Users MUST NOT send any ClientHello message that specifies a protocol version less than 3. A2A users that use the SSLv2 hello messages after the above date will not be able to access the portal and will receive a “handshake failure” message.

A2A users that currently use SSLv2 will need to upgrade and test their changes before 29 November. Testing of their upgraded protocol can be performed in the current A2A Integration/Test site.

What does this mean to Web Browser Users
Some older Browser versions may still use SSLv2ClientHello handshaking message and Web users using old browser versions must contact their IT Department to establish whether they use SSLv2ClientHello by default and whether they have the option to use at least SSLv3ClientHello

Web users that currently use SSLv2ClientHello handshaking message without the functionality to switch to at least SSLv3ClientHello will need to upgrade to the last browser version supported by the vendor, for example Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Changes can be tested before 29 November in the current Training site.  Web users who access the portal after 29 November using SSLv2ClientHello handshaking will receive an error message and will not be able to access the portal.   

The Claims Portal only supports web browser versions of Internet Explorer (IE) that are supported by Microsoft - this is for security reasons and for the protection of you the user.  IE9 and versions below (IE6, IE7, IE8) are no longer supported. If you are using any of these versions we would recommend that you upgrade.   


Tim Wallis
Chair, Claims Portal Ltd