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What information do you need to complete a claims transfer?

The information you will be asked to provide on the Claim Transfer form depends on which of the three transfer options that is chosen, as described above. Please be thorough in completing all the necessary information as missing details will result in delays.

Organisation Type

Whether your organisation is a Claimant Representative or Compensator type

Source and Destination Organisation Name, Address and ID

These are all the necessary details of the organisation the claims are being transferred out of and into and what CPL will use to confirm your account details, for example:

Name:                      Milton & Brown

Address:                   221b Baker St., London, NW1 6XE

Organisation ID:        CR00019

To find your organisation ID log into the Claims Portal Administrator console and click My Organisation 

Click the Edit button.

The first field you’ll see is your Organization ID, which you cannot change.

Claims Portal user type

You will need to indicate if your organisation accesses the Claims Portal directly through the web application at or by an A2A interface.

  • E.g. A2A user

Authorising Portal Administrator

Please provide the name of a registered Claims Portal Administrator from each of the Source and Destination organisations. The Claim Transfer form should be received from one of the Source or Destination organisation’s Administrators.

Primary point of contact details

Please provide the name, telephone number and e-mail address for the primary contact person that CPL will communicate with at both the Source and Destination organisations throughout the claim transfer process. This should be the person overseeing the transfer. They must be different from the ‘Authorising Portal Administrator’ details.

Source Branch Name, Branch ID – Compensator Only

If two Compensator organisations are transferring claims between one another the optional information of Source Branch Name and Source Branch ID can be provided if all the claims being transferred are allocated in one specific branch, for example:

  • North Branch, 003

Destination Branch Name, Branch ID, User ID

All claims must be transferred into the same branch and to an identified user for both Claimant Representatives and Compensators.

As part of the transfer process the contact details will be updated from those of the Source organisation to those held in the Claims Portal for the Destination organisation and the User ID you provide.

In the Claimant Representative example shown below the “Firm or Company Name” is updated to the Destination Organisation Name, and the Address details will be updated to those held in the Portal for the Destination Organisation (not branch). A Branch name and ID must be provided because all claims have to be allocated to a Branch. The Contact Name, Telephone Number and Email address will be updated to the details held in the Claims Portal for the User ID that you provide on the Claim Transfer Form. This information is mandatory so it cannot show the Source organisation details and it cannot be left blank.

CPL strongly recommends that the User ID you provide is for a Team Leader so they have the ability to allocate the claims to other users in your organisation, for example:

Branch Name:            North Branch

Branch ID:                 003

User ID:                     tl_jsmith

If you would like to transfer claims into more than one branch you must complete a separate Claim Transfer form for each set of branch details. Please note that a minimum volume of approximately 100 claims to be moved in a single transaction still applies.