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I am not an Administrator, what do I do next?

If you are no longer the Administrator for your organisation's Portal account, please contact your new internal Administrator and ask that they update the Portal to remove your access.

If you still have access to your Portal account but wish to appoint someone new as your firm's Administrator, please login to your account and create an additional Administrator.

For guidance on how to do this please visit 'Creating Users' located under the Administrator tab.

Important: If you have received an email notification, it means you are listed as an active Administrator.

Your organisation is a User of the Portal and therefore must adhere to the Claims Portal User Agreement. This includes regular housekeeping to ensure all Users are provided with the correct level of access. All non-portal Users must be disabled to protect your organisation as well as the Portal.

Top Tip: Housekeeping is a major area audited by the Claims Portal Audit team. Regular housekeeping includes expiry date maintenance, disabling Users who have left the business or no longer require Portal access, keeping your Users and organisation contact details up to date and more. Are you confident that your organisation’s account would pass an audit?

For more guidance on your roles and responsibilities as an organisation, please familiarise yourself, and all Users of the Portal, with the Claims Portal User Agreement and our Roles and Responsibilities User Guide.


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