In this section you can find answers to:

Why can’t I log-in?

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to log in.  Below are the common error messages and their solutions:

Login failed

The common reason for this error is that either your user id or your password is incorrect.  Remember that the password is case-sensitive.  Another reason could be that you are using the log-in details for the Training portal instead of the Live site.

If you have forgotten your user id or password, please contact your organisation's Administrator.



If you are an Administrator and you get this message, you need to select Administration from the Section drop-down menu.


Access 2

The common reason for this error is that you are trying to log in to the portal but has selected Administration in the Section field.  To process claims, please choose 'Claims Portal' from the Section drop-down menu.



Your user ID and password are correct, but your password has expired.  This also happens when you log in to the portal for the first time.  Please enter the current (old) password, and then the new one in the next two fields.  

New password

For more help on logging in:

If you are an Administrator, please see the relevant section in the Administrators' user guide.

If you are a Claims Handler, please see the relevant section in the Claimant Representatives' and Compensators' user guides.

I have changed my password and now it’s not working

Claims Handlers: Please contact your Administrator to reset your password.

Administrators: another Administrator within your organisation can reset your password immediately, otherwise you can request a reset via Manage Your Account.

I'm an Administrator and have used the password reset option and...

... I can't see the email to reset my password:

Please check your junk / spam email folder for the message, and ensure emails sent from the address '' has been added to your Approved / Safe Sender / Whitelist list.

... I can't remember my Administrator User name:

If you have another Claims Portal Administrator within your organisation they may be able to assist you.  If you do not, you can contact the Helpdesk to reset your User name via the Manage Your Account function.

... I can't reset my password because my account has expired:

Please note that Administrators with an expiry date in the past (set in the Administration console for every user) cannot reset their own password.

Password Expiry Date 

When expired Administrators fill in a password reset the following message will be displayed:

Password Reset Account Exired

In case your Administrator user has expired please contact another Claims Portal Administrator within your organisation or refer to the Helpdesk to reset your password, via the Manage Your Account function, if you do not have any.

How do I find the relevant insurer or compensator to send a CNF to?

RTA claims:

In the first instance you should perform a search on the Motor Insurance Database (MID).  If you cannot locate the insurer or compensator on the Claims Portal, please click here to advise the Helpdesk of an insurer/compensator/third party administrator not showing within the Insurer / Compensator index.

EL/PL claims:

In line with the Protocol you should make a reasonable attempt to identify the insurer in the first instance and in an employers’ liability claim, you must perform a search via the ELTO database.  If you cannot identify where the claim needs to be sent, we suggest that you contact the defendant directly to find out how such claims are managed and how this is reflected on the Portal.

You may find the some hints how to use the search function in the user guides.

The system won’t let me continue to the next stage as there are errors on the page.

There are a number of reasons that can prevent users from progressing.  Some of the common solutions are:

  • Check that all mandatory fields have been completed – empty mandatory fields will show as orange when you click Send or Print.
  • Check there are no formatting errors – these are indicated by an exclamation icon ! and by hovering over them you can see what is incorrect.
  • Check there are no error messages – these are shown in red text and should give clear guidance on how to correct them.

Make sure that you check every tab for the problems above.

If you have reviewed all the above and you still cannot progress, send a request to the Helpdesk.

Why can't I find a claim that used to be in my Worklist?

If you think a claim is missing, hidden or lost there are a number of reasons why you can no longer see it.  Being able to see claims depends on a number of factors including whether you are a Claimant Representative or Compensator, the status of the claim and your own profile.

More information detailing when and how claims can be accessed is available in these guides to visibility of claims for Claimant Representatives and Compensators, as well as on the Administrator User Guide.

How do I provide earnings details to verify the claimant’s loss of earnings in an Employers Liability claim via the portal?

The portal does not have a specific function for providing earnings details after an admission of liability. These need to be provided outside the portal in line with the EL PL Protocol.

However, if you are in a position to provide the loss of earnings details at the time of making the Liability decision, you may use the Attachments/Notes function to attach these. See section A6.2 in the CR's guide or A6.2 in the COMP's guide.