In this section you can find answers to:

I'm a new user, how do I register?

If your organisation is new to the Claims Portal and you wish to set up an account you can submit a request to register using the online form. Simply click on the Sign Up to the Portal tab above. 

Before you submit your request for a new account you should nominate an appropriate person within your organisation to act as an Administrator and take the time to read through the information contained in Section A of the Administrators User Guide. It is important you know how you want to set up your account before you register, particularly if you are a compensator.

How can I use Third Party Administrators or legal advisors to process EL/PL claims on my behalf?

Additional information for Compensator organisations who are self-insured or have large deductibles is available here.  This helps to explain the setup options available for organisations who use TPAs or other external claims handling support, such as legal advisors.

What happens after I've submitted my registration request?

Once your request to register has been successful, you can expect to receive access to the Training site and the live Portal.  You and your Administrator should take time to use the training site to familiarise yourself with how the Claims Portal works.

Registrations can take up to 5 working days to process.

Once your organisation's Administrator has received their user id for access to the Live Claims Portal they will be able to create individual claims handler accounts within their organisation to process claims in the live Portal.  Before creating individual profiles it may be useful to check the Administrator User Guide for more information on the different profiles available and what they can do.

I'm an existing RTA user, how do I add EL/PL claim types to my account?

If you are an existing Claims Portal user organisation wishing to add additional claim types to your account, there is no need to complete a new registration. Your registered Administrator can do this by sending a request to add a claim type via the Manage Your Account form.

As part of your request to add additional claim types to your existing Live account, your existing Training account will also be upgraded to include the additional claim types.

To see how the revised Claims Portal will differ from the version you're used to, there's a document detailing what's different.

What happens after I've submitted my request?

Your Administrator will receive a notification to tell them that your Training account and live Portal account upgrades have taken place. At this point your Administrator will be able to create individual claims handlers in both accounts to access EL/PL claims. You should take time to use the Training site to familiarise yourself with how the EL/PL and new RTA Claims Portal process works.

Will the online registration process work if I'm using Internet Explorer 6?

If you are viewing the website in Internet Explorer 6 you may notice that some of the formatting doesn’t look quite right  - such as overlapping text or menus that only show as text.  This is because that browser is not supported.  If you find yourself in this position don’t worry, we’ve included some guidance notes to help you complete the registration process.  If you are able to upgrade your internet browser we’d definitely recommend it because we understand that Microsoft are removing all support for Internet Explorer 6 in 2014.